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You’ve seen Liberated.

What's next?

After watching the film you may find yourself asking how the stories of our culture have shaped your own perceptions of sexuality, and what it means to live counter-culturally.

We’ve distilled the essence of the film’s message about healthy sexuality into the following manifesto and compiled some resources to help you on your journey.


  • I believe in the dignity of every person; therefore I choose to live in a spirit of love and empathy.
  • My life will not be dominated by lust and entitlement, which falsely promise freedom, but only produce slavery.
  • I will be true to myself and claim an authentic identity, not one scripted for me by the culture.
  • I am more valuable than the body I possess; I am a whole person.
  • I will view others for their entire humanity and not reduce them to a sex object.
  • I will be in the world in a way that offers healing to others and brings dignity to myself.
  • I will choose love.
  • I will be free.
  • I will live LIBERATED.
  • #LiveLiberated

Get Wise

These respected men and women speak about gender and sexuality from a place of empathy and authenticity. Learn from their wisdom.

What is Exodus Cry?

Magic Lantern Pictures grew from the nonprofit work of Exodus Cry, an organization that fights for a world without any form of sexual violation or sexual exploitation. Join the Exodus Cry community to learn how you can be a part of bringing freedom.